Why Giving Kiosks are the Way to go in 2016

Want to give your church members a means to give anytime, anywhere? What has now become a common trend at churches across the country is offering a Giving Kiosk payment option via a tablet.

While many of us use our personal iPad tablets for leisure, such as surfing the web, playing games or catching up on our favorite shows, the iPad tablet has also helped revolutionize the way churches can acIMG_0290cept donations.

Tablets are light, affordable and most importantly, easy to transport from one location to the next. Giving Kiosks have become available for most online giving platforms as an alternate means of giving, and most studies have shown that they have increased giving for churches who have begun using them by more than 20%.

Online giving platforms such as faithHighway, easyTithe, Bridge Element and SimpleChurchCRM all offer Giving Kiosks as an additional feature at a low cost, and have available card readers to purchase that are compatible with your iPad.

Here are a few ways in which a Giving Kiosk may be a good investment for your church:

Accept Donations Any Time, Any Place

Kiosk Giving gives your members and visitors the opportunity to give to your church before, during and after your services. You can set up your Giving Kiosk stand at your main entrance, reminding frequent goer and first-time guests that giving is appreciated as they enter. You are then able to detach your Giving Kiosk card reader and iPad to mobilize your tablet for giving during sermons, bible study, church events and other special occasions.

How many people carry cash or checkbooks anymore?

In this day and age, how many people always have cash or checks on them? However, the majority of people always have some sort of debit or credit card with them at all times. Givers may not be carrying cash with them, or may forget to run by the bank before service on Sundays. Offering a means of giving via debit or credit card can boost your overall giving IMG_4015_2 - Copytremendously, as well as make giving more convenient for your members.

Event Registration

Not only are Giving Kiosks set up to help encourage and boost giving, you are also able to use them for Event Registration. Events such as mission trips, youth group events, vacation bible school and retreats can be created on the Giving Kiosk to allow for registration. You are able to set up fields for those interested to fill out and register, as well as pay for their attendance if there is a cost to attend.

Giving Kiosks can improve giving, be used as a reminder that donations are appreciated and can be used for event registrations where all information can be kept in one spot. Kiosks also make giving easier for your members or guests, creating a convenience for giving and boosting your overall budget. When most online giving platforms offer Giving Kiosks at a low price, and make them compatible with a mobile device your church probably already has, it is definitely a feature worth looking into in 2016. A 15-20% increase in overall giving can go a long way for your church budget.

Author: Brad Pope

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