The Top 3 Online Giving Trends for 2015

Online Giving TrendsOnline giving has provided a fast and easy way for your church congregation members to donate or tithe. With the rise in churches and organizations using this innovative method, we wanted to keep you informed on this year’s top trends to utilize!

Trust is Back on Your Side

In 2015, we will see that many donors are now breaking free from their wariness of online giving and donations. They are becoming well-versed in online transactions, and your continued interaction with your members via face to face, social media and email educates them further on how their donations are being used! Donors are also more aware of the security of the websites in which they engage, further building their trust. PCI Level 1 compliant sites, such as easyTithe, offer the highest level of security and ensure that your members are in the safest environment possible when giving online.

Donors are investing in Organizations to Achieve Good

Organizations have been much better about articulating the specific outcomes of the funds donated, which stimulates trust within your congregation and with more trust comes more confidence in donation to the causes that they believe in. Transparency is one of the most valued attributes when a member invents into an organization. It’s a message that is shared and grows overall giving and the spiritual footprint of your congregation.

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Rise of the Baby Boomers

34% of donations are from Baby Boomers. No longer is online giving synonymous with the younger generations. With the rise of mobile devices and more user friendly displays, users of all ages are able to engage in donations via web, kiosk, apps and text!

Here is to a great year for giving!

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