How to Get Your Church Staff Involved in Social Media Engagement

Social media is an excellent marketing tool when it comes to promoting your church events and services. You are able to use a variety of free channels to show your congregation members or visitors what is new and exciting in your ministry. Reaching more of an audience can be done by encouraging social sharing, and an easy place to start this is with your staff.



Making sure your church website has easily accessible social buttons is a great first step. When you have new visitors to your website, the content and information is important, as is the information placed on your social media channels. Think of these social networks as an extension of your digital footprint. What you post and share can have an impact on others, and making sure they can be easily directed to your Facebook, Twitter and other sites will help! Educate your staff on what digital outlets you are currently using, that way they are able to relay this to others if the topic is addressed.


SharingSocial media church engagement

Even if you don’t have a social media strategy or elaborate content calendar, you can still get in the social media metrics game by encouraging sharing. When you have an announcement, update or interesting bit of information to post, let your staff know first! Your church leaders, part-time employees and interns can share your posts with friends to boost engagement. As an added bonus, they can include their own call to action (CTA) like, “Check out this post from Pastor Joe,” or “Join us for our NEW Wednesday service!”



If you have multiple social media outlets, keeping up with regular posts can be difficult with your busy schedule. Allowing access to certain church staff members can help to alleviate some of the time that you would regularly be posting to your followers, and it can help to bring a different perspective on what is posted. Instagram is a fun network to post photos and videos, and having a few different people posting visual moments from church events is a great asset to your ministry.


What kind of social media involvement have you seen from your church staff members? Let us know in the comment section below!

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