From Visitor to Member: Part 2

bible hugLast week, we took started looking at using your church management system to move people from visitor to member. Your ChMS is a great tool for doing this when used in conjunction with your programs and services. Let’s take a look at a few more ways you can use your ChMS for this purpose.

Engage with content

While sharing access to your content is important, creating and properly delivering content that can be engaged with is equally important. Your ChMS may not help you create the content, but helping you deliver it to who needs it most is exactly what ChMS software is designed to do.

Engage with Others

Similarly to the above point, helping connect people at various stages in growth is an important use of your ChMS. Helping those who may be on the fence or still “on the outside” feel connected to the larger body can be done by properly communicating to the right groups. This can be done a variety of ways like connecting someone with kids to your parenting or children’s ministry resources, connecting a first-time visitor with a staff member follow-up, or communicating about small group locations and times. When those relationships are developed, people will likely want to dive in even more.

Engage with Your Staff

Whether your staff is large or small, the people in your church and community want to feel connected to them. They want to know that their pastor is a part of the community. Your ChMS needs to be able to help you track follow-ups and connection points. Especially in multi-staff churches, knowing who has most recently met with a visitor will help increase the effectiveness of future visits.

Community Moves Them

Just like Jesus used a boat to move people into deeper relationship with Him, community is the boat that moves people today. And if community is the boat, your ChMS serves as a mighty oar, propelling that community forward faster.


Author: Jared Massey

Jared is an associate pastor in a small, rural church. He works mostly with youth and children, but wears many other hats. He also works part-time building mobile apps for churches and non-profits. He is married to his high school sweetheart and together they have two boys. Jared loves spicy foods, 80's music and all things Disney.

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