Church Management Systems: Get Organized

Church Management Systems Managing all of your congregation’s members doesn’t have to leave you feeling stressed. It certainly doesn’t have to be hard on your computer, either.  Here are 5 ways that adopting a Church Management System can help!

Organization: Stop putting information cards into a little index box that your secretary maintains. OK, maybe you’re not that old school, but even if you have documents and spreadsheets with member data, it can get easier! A ChMS allows you to put member information including address, family members and visit history into your church’s own database. It’s easy to navigate when you need quick access to the information.

Trends: Starting to see a decline in attendance or giving? Tracking trends is easy with a ChMS, and it can allow you to pinpoint an individual or group’s attendance over a specific period of time. If you thought that sermon on cheerful givers went over well, you can easily confirm this by tracking giving data from the time period you need.

Child Check-In: The safety and security of getting a child checked into Sunday school can be a deciding factor for a family that is visiting your church. Provide a fast and convenient way to get the kids checked-in, attach notes to individual children and even print labels as needed. Check out more information on easy ways to print labels for child check-in.

Online Giving: Now you can cut down the time it takes to enter in all of your church’s contributions. By having an online giving option, you are allowing your congregation members a fast and easy way to give, as well as giving yourself less time entering information. Online giving options with a ChMS track the giving histories of anyone that has donated to your church, and it even allows you an easier way to get year-end contribution statements out to each family.

Reports: With great search features, a ChMS will allow you to find what you need when you need it. It will also allow you to print out the reports you need for your records. You can print out attendance trends, information on an individual or family and find the specific giving statement or report that you want.

In the age of everything going digital, why keep your church’s records in the books? Find the ChMS option that is right for your church!

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