Church Management System In the Palm of Your Hand

Mobile church management systemYears ago, I had the privilege of sitting in on a meeting where a church was being consulted. The consultant was asking questions to try and understand why this particular church seemed to struggle to break a certain barrier. Finally, he asked how they were tracking attendance. The question that seemed to stick out and lead into greater discussion was “How can you know who is leaving, if you aren’t keeping track of who is there?” Take a moment and let the simplicity of that resonate with you. This is where a Church Management System comes into play. And what makes a ChMS even better is the ability to edit and adapt from a mobile device.

Add Names

Adding names to your church’s registry is the most basic part of any ChMS, but the ability to add names and information from your mobile phone or tablet just makes sense. No more leaving information in your pocket only to be washed in the washing machine. Now, it’s backed up on the cloud.

Connect with Visitors

Meeting visitors and getting their contact information is hugely important, but connecting with them throughout the week is just as important. With a mobile friendly ChMS, you can track those follow ups and contact them from anywhere, even if you are not near your computer.

Assign and Follow-up

With many churches finding themselves with multiple staff and, possibly even, multiple campuses, a mobile feature that can really help go that extra mile is the ability to assign followup to a specific staff person.

Broadcast messaging

In a world where we are always sending messages from our phones, being able to contact a church group or your whole church is a must. Doing so through your ChMS just makes sense.

A good ChMS knows how to make the most necessary features accessible on a mobile device without adding too much bloat to their programs. While this is always a fine line, and that line really moves for each church depending on its needs, it is good to evaluate what needs your church has when looking to invest in a ChMS.


What ChMS feature would you most need to be available from your mobile device?


Author: Jared Massey

Jared is an associate pastor in a small, rural church. He works mostly with youth and children, but wears many other hats. He also works part-time building mobile apps for churches and non-profits. He is married to his high school sweetheart and together they have two boys. Jared loves spicy foods, 80's music and all things Disney.

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