4 Website Essentials For Your Ministry

Start a ministry blogIf your ministry does not currently have a website, you should seriously consider creating one for all the reasons outlined here. If this is your church’s first website design, you’ll want to make sure 1.0 is simple but has the essential elements present. Here are 4 content essentials you’ll want to include in your initial ministry site:

About Us Section with a Mission Statement

The About Us section is an essential ingredient for any ministry site. This is where you’ll want to include your ministry’s mission statement, your church’s history, and any applicable contact us information. Your church mission statement (or statement of beliefs) is the highest priority here as this defines your ministry’s vision of purpose and helps to direct your congregation.

Basic Directory and Staff Information

Assuming your potential congregation has viewed your mission statement, they’ll next want to learn more about your staff. Visitors will not only be interested in your service, they’ll want to have a greater understanding as to whom is leading your services and programs. Imagine this scenario: A new family has moved into your area and is scouting area ministries for the best fit. They’ll likely want to know biographical information about your youth pastor and how your children’s ministry operates. This will go a long way in helping ‘would be’ visitors achieve a greater level of comfort with your ministry. One more tip: Please use photos and pictures wherever you can so that people can place a face with the bio information.

Sunday Service Time and Schedule

Every church website should also post basic information about the Sunday service; start times, child check-in and any other information related to that morning’s services. Be sure to list this information on the home page so your congregation and potential visitors can access this easily. Additionally, you may consider listing directions to your ministry and including a Google Maps feature that can make this more convenient.

Access to Church Media

Providing easy to view access to your ministry’s sermons, programs and weekly teachings will help to better communicate your ministry’s message. Let’s face it, different churches have unique teaching styles and techniques. By providing an online media library, you’re making it easier for potential congregation members to research your church. Additionally, many ministries also link to a welcome video from the pastor or church staff.

Church websites are no different than consumer or business specific websites in that consistent messaging and ease of use should be your primary aim. Remember for prospective members your website offers a window into your ministry’s message and acts as your most effective communication tool for your current congregation and potential members.

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