3 Ways to Prepare for Easter Giving

Preparing for this increased time of giving in your church can help to make a difference in your overall giving, and the involvement of your members.

Setting Up Online Giving

Easter, for many, is a time of increased attendance for the congregation. The best thing you can do is prepare accordingly to allow for easy transactions and efficient means to do so. Once you have acquired an Online Giving tool for your ministry, making it easily accessible with a website button is beneficial to your church and your congregation. Most Online Giving programs are designed for churches of any size. This means that even during your busiest times, the tracking and reporting of your tithes and donations are managed through your giving software. This will save your administration time and headaches, especially during the hustle and bustle of the Easter season.

Alerting Your Congregation


cc laptop paymentIt’s not enough to just have the right tools! A successful Online Giving program includes clear, consistent communication, whether inside the church walls or beyond. Here are a few proven ways to spread the word:


  • Add an “ONLINE GIVING” button to your homepage
  • Mention Online Giving in your bulletin (put it next to your weekly financial summary, if you have one)
  • Place a link on your sermons page, encouraging folks to support your ministry even if they don’t regularly attend in person
  • Advertise your text giving information on your pre-service slide loop
  • Consider an Easter email campaign announcing service times, encouraging members to invite a friend. You can also include a mention of how to give online: “Won’t be joining us this Easter? You can still participate in the worship experience by giving your tithes and offerings online—click here.”

Managing Your Efforts Through His Work

If you are choosing an Online Giving service to implement before Easter Sunday at your church, make sure to find out how quickly the funds can begin to be deposited into your account. More established providers will have your services up and running within a few business days. After the excitement of the season, you can track how your congregation has donated. Finding a provider that makes it easy for you to access and pull reports is important. Creating more time for your ministry and less time on giving reports is a great benefit to an Online Giving service.



Are you looking for more ways to make the most out of Easter giving at your church? Let us know in the comment section below!

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