3 Social Networks to Boost Your Church’s Engagement

Social networking is a great outlet when it comes to connecting with your church congregation members, staff and those interested in attending services or an event. Using it for quick updates on service changes or small group cancelations helps when something urgent may arise, but knowing the best ways to boost engagement on different networks can help you to start building better relationships.


According to 2014 social media stats, there were 1.28 billion active monthly Facebook users globally. This is by far the largest of the social networks, but that doesn’t mean everything that you post will be seen. Facebook constantly adjusts their algorithms on what will show up in a user’s newsfeed, and getting your posts seen can be trickier because of this. The choice to boost post engagement and visibility through Facebook ads is up to you, but making sure you post relevant content is key. If you have one shot to reach someone, make it count! Create a social media strategy calendar and circulate it to your staff before posting your messages. Once you have your edits, make sure to post at the ideal time (based on your page’s insights) and include a great link or image. Create posts that allow your followers to respond with feedback and comments. Engagement can go a long way, and you’ll enjoy seeing the results!

TwitterBoost Church Engagement Social Media

Twitter users want to be “in the know” when it comes to news, updates or what is trending online, and they want to know this quickly. A Twitter feed updates faster, and getting your message out is easy when you make it short and to the point. Including an image can help with visibility, and asking for a retweet or another type of engagement can help as well. A great way to personally reach out via Twitter is to send a Tweet or message to your volunteers or other church members. “Thx @______ for always making sure we’ve got great coffee before small group!” That shout out is quick and easy, it shows your appreciation and it makes your followers feel welcome and comfortable.


Sharing what your church is doing is a great way to boost engagement. A picture is worth a thousand shares these days, so this is a great outlet to show your church’s current events. Community outreach, unique services and worship events are good photo opportunities, but you can also ask for church members to use this social network and engage with each other. Ask your small groups to take a picture of their recent activities, and have them use a unique hashtag so you all can look at what other groups in your church have done. If you’re looking for more specific ways to use this tool, here is a great blog to show you some more options.

What has your church done to increase engagement on social media networks? Share your ideas or stories with us in the comment section below!

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