10 Confessions From a Pastor’s Kid

Some mothers take you out for ice cream after a difficult day at school. Mine called in her prayer warriors. While the other kids took in caloric deliciousness, I had a dose of the Holy Ghost.

Ok, so maybe having a minister as your parent wasn’t that dramatically different, but it was still something that set me apart from the other kids. Here are 10 things I experienced growing up in the Church, or as I prefer to call this list, 10 Confessions From a Pastor’s Kid:

  1. You answer a lot of questions: No. My mom can’t ask Jesus to change your test score. Yes. My mom can baptize your brother, perform your sister’s wedding and pray for your sick hamster.
  1. You learn a new vocabulary: When Superbowl Sunday turns into “Super God Sunday,” you have officially started to develop a unique Pastor’s Kid (PK) language.
  1. Your house is its own ministry: My mom still hands out free hot dogs and water at the 4th of July fireworks in her front yard. When people ask why, her response is always, “Because Jesus loves you.”
  1. ribbonYou meet some interesting people: I was five years old when I met our church’s ribbon dancing squad. I was kicked off because I was, “Too enthusiastic for Christ.” That was their kind way of saying that I had zero rhythm.
  1. You know the other PKs: We have a secret hand shake and everything. Not really, but you can spot another PK from a mile away.
  1. You are always being watched: This is not meant to sound like a scary movie, but when you take a water from the visitor’s stock near the front door, someone will notice. Whoops!
  1. You become a conference fanatic: Signing up for every youth conference that comes your way is one of the many addictions you face in this field!
  1. You learn the art of time management: Weekends were always dedicated to church, so my mom and I always had a Monday coffee date to catch up on what was going on in our lives.
  1. You learn to volunteer: I’m pretty sure I spent an entire summer doing nothing but car washes for our youth group. My hands were pruny for 3 straight months.


  1. You take it with you: Even to this day I am reminded by the unique experience of being a pastor’s kid. And this Mother’s Day, I wanted to thank my mom for being such an awesome pastor to so many people. And for being an awesome mom to three very grateful children.

Thank you to all of the pastors who continue to grow the field of ministry, and for continuing to reach millions of people. And thank you to the moms who keep us all in line so that we can take what we have learned at church and practice it in our lives.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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